23 April 2011


Salam hujung minggu kepada blogger semua!

Tengah aku asyik melayan fb tiba-tiba mucul messages dari sorang pompuan bernama Adilah Muhamad. Begini messages nyer...

" Apa khabar hari ini? My name is Adilah, can we get to know each other better?"
April 5 at 4:17pm-Report...dan messages kedua plak aku terima pada jam 6:26pm pada tarikh yang sama!
" Hi, I was born and brought in London, studied hard and got my master degree there too. I have lived all my life here in the UK. I have been waiting to visit Malaysia, but I have never really had a concrete reason to do that, thou due to the nature of my job also I have not been so chanced either.

I have never been to Malaysia before but have heard so many good things and stories from my father because he is Malaysian but now a successful international businessman based in England, I feel so happy that I can communicate with you which has now planted a felling in me that I might visit Malaysia soon. Well I am single lady and I live alone... ohh not alone, I have a cat her name is Lucy, I work in an Insurance company, and if I must tell you I relly to love and enjoy my job, don't get me wrong not just because of the money, but they pay well thou. When I have spare time and not too tired, I'd love to include myself in live music. My choice of music would be jazz, rock and latin. I too have a passion for cooking. What about you self?

Bye for now till I hear from you

Habis saja aku baca messages ne, aku cuba klik kat facebook Adilah untuk dapat lebih info.... Basic Information hanya tertara : About Adilah - Computer Analyist at Insurance Studied at Oxford University. Lives in Machester, United Kingdom. From : Kucing, Malaysia. Ambitious, honest, funny and very carefull. If you want to know more, why don't you come close and find out. Lepas tu aku friend request, tapi tak terima! Peliknye kat facebook dia tak ada sorang pong jadi friend. Jadi aku ambik keputusan bahawa Adilah ne bukan perempuan tetapi lelaki Afrika yang sedang berada dalam bilik sekitar Kuala Lumpur untuk mencari mangsa...Huhuhu!

Untuk tidak melayan messages Adilah aku terus klik Block This Person!
Maaf friends! Takat ne dulu aku cerita, pasal dah masuk waktu Asar...nanti aku sambung balik cerita tipu punya orang dari group Afrika!